• Lean Studio launches the « Innovation Bootcamp »,

    a Multi-enterprise innovation acceleration program


    "Learning to innovate like a startup"

  • Learning to innovate like a startup

    There isn’t a single issue of a business magazine that doesn’t mention the words « Innovation, Disruption or Uberisation », paving the way for the tremendous momentum of new – and often surprising – initiatives that form the landscape of tomorrow’s businesses.

    These « startups » that are shaking the foundations of established frameworks use new approaches that are extremely swift and efficient to discover innovative approaches and to open up new market positions. Such new approaches are not reserved only for startups; large companies have now integrated them into their approach to innovation.

    The implementation of these dedicated tools is not just for major companies, and with its strong dual experience of support for startups and the supervision of innovation programs in large organizations,

    Lean Studio is organizing the first « Innovation Bootcamp », an accelerated multi-enterprise innovation program.

    Each participating company may register one or more teams in this program, focused on the « customer discovery » phase. This phase represents the first step in a journey of innovation focused on Lean Startup and Design Thinking methodologies.

    This phase will last six weeks and mobilize teams for about 2 to 3 days a week, so they remain available to carry out their functions within their company. At the end of the program, each team will have identified target customers, presenting a specific problem or need that the company could address with a solution. A value proposition and a business model canvas will have also been developed to enable business decision-makers to judge whether their potential seems interesting, and whether a follow up of the proposed project is justified.

    This approach, proven time and again by Lean Studio coaches, avoids the main problem and the principal cause of failure: startups and large companies develop solutions for needs that don’t exist! Besides reducing the participation fee, the advantage of a multi-enterprise program is that teams are stimulated by exchanges between them in ideation, debriefing and pitching sessions, etc.

  • Details

    What ?

    Lean Studio is organizing the first Innovation Bootcamp, a multi-enterprise innovation acceleration program.

    When ?

    From November 28 to January 20, 2016

    Where ?

    In our 600m2 creative space at the Axis Parc of Mont-St-Guibert

    How much ?

    € 15,000 per team, up to 4 participants per team.

    10% « Early bird » reduction for any registration before November 7.


    The price includes: coaching, catering (coffee breaks, lunch, drinks), the use of the premises, training materials, wi-fi access.

    Teams has to be equipped with at least one laptop.

    For who ?

    The program is aimed at mid-sized and large organizations looking to develop innovative approaches. This is not a training program but a companion program, the teams work on their own projects!


    And it is not necessary to have a precise idea before starting the program…

  • Interested ?

    More Information ? Download the 1 pager, fill in the following form or book your seat by contacting us at hello@lean.studio